I Wish I Knew This Earlier

I Wish I Knew This Earlier

I Wish I Knew This Earlier

Unlock Your True Potential, Turn Negatives into Positives and Start Living Your Dream Life!

John Davis was broke, helpless, and struggling with life. He was totally frustrated and had lost all hopes of a happy life because of recurring problems he’d faced since childhood. He was so depressed and out of focus that he accidentally rammed his car into a tree.

In the hospital, John met Dr. Matt, who helped him find the real reasons for his problems. He taught him life’s most important lessons and revealed an amazing formula to bring about positive changes easily.

This book is the story of the changes John experienced and how he overcame new challenges using Dr. Matt’s wisdom – and how he finally began to live his dream life.

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What Our Readers Are Saying...

In his concise, simple, and yet deeply profound parable, Ramakant Sharda has stripped away all of the fanciful platitudes that tend to drive the personal development space and has boiled success down to its most fundamental formula.

Regardless of the author or the title, if you were to read hundreds of books on personal development and accomplishment, all of the words would come down to this concept which has been brilliantly captured by this book. I sincerely BELIEVE that you will enjoy this book as much as I did.
John Terhune
Global Entrepreneur, Attorney, Attitude Coach and Best Selling Author
Many times authors leave important elements to keep you wanting more. Ramakant has put EVERY element of success into this great book written in a wonderfully engaging story. He has addressed all the possible questions about why things may not be working out for you and placed the emphasis in the right places. You really now have NO EXCUSE for not reaching your goals and highest potential.
Shane Ram
Founder of Scientific Happiness & Go For 10, Executive Coach, Author and a Global Keynote Speaker
Ramakant Sharda wrote a wonderful story that many people can easily relate to. It conveys the timeless truth of the secrets behind success and failure and offers valuable lessons in a subtle, heart-opening way you can immediately apply. A must-read for anyone looking to transform themselves and their life.
Faye Kitariev, M.A.
Founder and Creator of i'MAGiNT LiFE™, Bestselling Author, Olympic Figure Skating Coach
Short, crisp and easy to understand. Life’s most important lessons in one short story. Read this book and gain valuable experience.
Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer at Courageous Path, Certified High Performance Coach and Trainer

About The Author

Ramakant Sharda

Ramakant was born in India, in the famous city of Jaipur (aka ‘Pink City’) and grew up in a place surrounded by history, heritage, and the erstwhile royalty.

He left his traditional business for a career in online marketing where he created games and lifestyle apps for mobiles. He is helping people live a happy life with his “30 Days” app series.

Ramakant now lives in Jaipur with his beautiful wife and two really smart children. When not writing bestselling books, Ramakant likes to click beautiful pictures or teach photography skills through his workshops.